Baritone Saxophone Eb The Red Dragon by O’Malley Pro model Eb Bari

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What is better than a baritone saxophone that plays like a dream?  A baritone saxophone that plays like a dream and is bright red!  The O’Malley Red Dragon Baritone Saxophone will make you the baddest bari player on the block!  Why let the sweet little soprano sax, Kenny G wanna be’s have all the fun?  One bark from the Red Dragon will send them scurrying like the sky is falling!

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Baritone Saxophone

Lets face it……you will make a serious statement when you open the case and pull out the O’Malley   “Red Dragon” Baritone Saxophone .

The Eb baritone Saxophone ” Red Dragon ” plays and sounds even better than it looks.  Barking and honking notes all the way down to the easily playable low A.  A gorgeous rich full tone to match the look of the sax.  The O’Malley Red Dragon Baritone Saxophone plays with ease throughout the entire range of the horn.  The horn has great intonation and is easy to play in all registers.  This baritone saxophone is a great value when you compare it to the baritone saxophones made by Selmer and Yamaha.

The O’Malley Red Dragon Baritone Saxophone is constructed with heavy gauge brass.  The adjustable height keys, when combined with the Italian Leather pads provide for an air tight seal every time.  Along with the pad and key setup, the specially engineered tone holes will provide for an airtight seal for many years.  The double braced bell section makes this instrument durable and solid.  This horn has the look, but more importantly it has a great sound with great intonation from bottom to top.  The tone is consistent throughout all registers and blows free and easy.  The O’Malley Red Dragon Baritone Saxophone comes with a mouthpiece and strap in a pro case with wheels.  What are you waiting for?  Feed your inner bari-beast with The Red Dragon!!!!!!!!

  • Material: High Grade Yellow Brass
  • Surface: Black Nickel /Gold Keys. Dragon Engraving
  • Tone: Eb
  • Low A to High F
  • Low a key,High F key,Front F#
  • Imported high quality pads with metal resonators
  • Blue Springs
  • Adjustable key height screws and Metal thumb rest
  • Comfortable key inlays made of imitation mother of pearl
  • Beautiful Dragon Engraving decoration, Very beautiful


The O’Malley Difference

Buy from O’Malley Musical Instruments with the utmost of confidence.  O’Malley Instruments is an American family owned business with a lifetime around music education and music performance.  O’Malley Instruments is not a huge conglomerate where you will just be one of thousands of horns going out.  Every horn is tested for correct adjustment and playability.  When you buy from O’Malley the instrument arrives and you take it out of the case and plays perfectly.

Every O’Malley instrument comes with a 1 year warranty.  Parts are available from O’Malley for every instrument in our catalog. Value is the key word at O’Malley Music Instruments.  Our mission is to offer the highest quality instrument at the lowest possible price to make quality musical instruments to available everyone.  The owner of O’Malley Musical Instruments has been a major supporter of the arts in his hometown for decades.  Don’t be a number at some foreign company … be a name to your friends at O’Malley Musical Instruments!


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Low A to High F#


High Grade Brass


Italian Kid Leather with metal resonators


Hand Engraved


High Grade Brass


Double Braced Low Bell Keys and Mother of Pearl Inlays


Travelmate molded case with wheels


Flaming Red Lacquer