Compensating Euphonium The O’Malley 4 valve Silver plate / Gold plate Accents

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The O’Malley 4 Valve Compensating Euphonium sounds, plays and looks beautiful!

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The O’Malley  Compensating Euphonium

is designed and constructed in a manner that compares to the great instruments manufactured by Besson years ago.  The valves on the compensating Euphonium are longer and consists or additional paths for the air to pass in order to achieve the best possible intonation with the least change to the tone of the pitch.  The O’Malley 1150S Euphonium plays with a rich, beautiful tone.  The bottom end of the instrument sounds with a big robust sound and the middle range blends effortlessly into the upper register.  The horn blows easy and lyrical passages are executed flawlessly.

The Compensating Euphonium1150S  has a primary bore of .590.  The secondary bore of .661 is in place when the 4th valve is used.  The dual bore nature contributes to the evenness of tone and great intonation when playing passages that cover a broad range of the instrument.  The conical bore of this Euphonium ends at the 11.5 inch bell.  The bell and lead pipe are constructed with a sturdy yellow brass.  The piston valves are smooth and quick in execution of the most complicated and technical passages.  The O’Malley 1150S is equipped with a large shank mouthpiece receiver.  This instrument comes in a silver finish with gold trim package.


Compensating Euphonium explained

The O’Malley Difference

Buy from O’Malley Musical Instruments with the utmost of confidence.  O’Malley Instruments is an American family owned business with a lifetime around music education and music performance.  O’Malley Instruments is not a huge conglomerate where you will just be one of thousands of horns going out.  Every horn is tested for correct adjustment and playability.  When you buy from O’Malley the instrument arrives and you take it out of the case and plays perfectly.

Every O’Malley instrument comes with a 1 year warranty.  Parts are available from O’Malley for every instrument in our catalog. Value is the key word at O’Malley Music Instruments.  Our mission is to offer the highest quality instrument at the lowest possible price to make quality musical instruments to available everyone.  The owner of O’Malley Musical Instruments has been a major supporter of the arts in his hometown for decades.  Don’t be a number at some foreign company…… a name to your friends at O’Malley Musical Instruments!

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Dual Bore – Primary .590/Secondary .661 4th Valve Bore


11.5 Inches


Yellow Brass


Yellow Brass




4 Piston 3 Upright and one on the side




Lacquer, Silver, Silver with Gold Accents