Bb Sousaphone John Packer Model: JP2057 JP Marching Brass

As low as $97.57 per month
Based on 60 months and 12.99% annual percentage rate

The John Packer Bb Sousaphone is the standard that all other sousaphones are judged by!  At a price that is a third of the big names, you can buy 3 for one.



  Bb Sousaphone Marching Tuba by John Packer


The Bb  sousaphone , or marching tuba,  is the pure foundation of any bands sound.  All the overtones of the other instruments depend on the lowest overtones to ring pure and clear.  Why take a chance with just any instrument handling the bottom ?   Step up to the  bottom end of champions and royalty.  Compare to King design.

Technical Specifications for the sousaphone Bb marching tuba
  • Great for use in the field, the JP2057 Sousaphone will fit incredibly well within any marching band, Trad Jazz band or even an early big band. You will find that with complete ease, the sousaphone can turn from a mellow bass instrument, to a roaring forward facing monster, suitable to blast any bass line that is needed.

    Large .687″ bore
    26″ forward facing bell
    It offers a rich, resonant tone with excellent projection and volume
    It has very quick responsive valves
    Perfectly weighted and shaped to allow a comfortable playing position
    The leadpipe is detachable, and is assembled from 3 separate parts, allowing the player to choose the most comfortable mouthpiece position

    Supplied with
    The JP2057 Sousaphone is supplied with a high quality, protective hard case, with plenty or firm padded blocks to ensure that the instruments remains secure in the case.
    It also comes with a mouthpiece and a basic maintenance kit containing valve oil and tuning slide grease.