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Majestic Quantum Marching Xylophone: X1535P 3.5 octave

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Majestic Percussion equipment has quickly become the favored equipment for top Drum Corps, College Bands and Championship High School Bands everywhere


Majestic Quantum Marching Xylophone


Marching Xylophone field xylophones by Majestic  utilize a reformulated synthetic bar material. Traditional American-style tuning methods are employed with the utmost accuracy to deliver a bright and musical tone with a powerful force.

  • 3 1/2 Octave Xylophone
  • Synthetic bars
  • Full slant resonators with gold finish
  • Pneumatic cylinder assisted height adjustment
  • 8″ pneumatic wheels
  • This marching xylophone is the top choice of drum corps, college bands and championship high school bands all across America
  • The new Majestic Quantum field frame offers modular and flexible mounting options, allowing precise, secure positioning of auxiliary instruments as well as amplification equipment. Quantum series Xylophones feature a newly formulated synthetic bar material for optimal performance in all environments.  The bars deliver a traditional American-style tuning, offering the utmost accuracy to deliver a bright and musical tone.
    The Majestic 3.5 Octave Xylophone with Synthetic Bars is in the professional series and plays like a dream. It has a crisp, woody sound and really projects. The keys synthetic so they’re sturdy, but still have that bite you’re looking for. It also has offset arch resonators with a champagne finish. It’s fully height adjustable with a pneumatic cylinder assisted height adjustment that’s easy to use. It comes on a Quantum Field Frame with 8″ wheels. Bonus: It comes with a cover and mallets!

    • Octave : 3 1/2
    • Range : F4 – C8
    • Full Slant Resonators
    • Pneumatic cylinder assisted height adjustment
    • 8” pneumatic wheels
    • Bar : Synthetic
    • Bar Size :  38 mm
    • Pitch :  A = 442 Hz
    • Length:  167 cm
    • Width (low end) :  77 cm (high end) :  77 cm
    • Height :  90 ~ 110 cm
    • Weight:  212 Lbs
    • The second photo illustrates all of the options available for this outstanding full framed Majestic Marching Xylophone