SeleS by Selmer Paris Presence Clarinet

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Selmer Paris – Presence Clarinet
SeleS by Selmer Paris Presence Clarinet

SeleS by Selmer Paris Presence Clarinet.  The new SeleS  Selmer Paris line of instruments brings true Selmer Paris professional performance and quality in to a more affordable price range. In the past, Selmer has tried to provide an instrument that was in a more affordable price range, but the previous models simply didn’t perform up to a high enough standard to sway clarinetists. The new SeleS Presence clarinet completely turns that around. This time, Selmer has delivered what the modern clarinetist needed – a Great Professional Clarinet at a more affordable price point.

Plainly put, the SeleS Presence clarinet is one of the most impressive values on the clarinet market today.

The intonation and performance characteristics of the Presence clarinet compete even with Selmer’s top tier clarinets. This clarinet truly offers value without the sacrifice of performance! In the modern clarinet world, the Presence clarinet should absolutely be at the top of the list of consideration for any player in search of a new professional clarinet.

About SeleS by Selmer Paris
The SeleS by Selmer Paris line was designed to offer professional performance at a more affordable price. The Presence clarinet is the epitome of that concept. Selmer Paris achieved this goal by outsourcing parts of the certain manufacturing to other French industries to help save cost. The wood body joints are but on state of the art equipment in the Selmer Paris facility and the final assembly and padding is performed by Selmer Paris in France. The combination of precision manufacturing techniques and small part outsourcing to Selmer’s specification helped to produce make the Presence clarinet what it is: an Amazing professional clarinet!

 SeleS by Selmer Paris Presence Clarinet