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C flute O’Malley Student C Flute Many “step up” features Great second instrument

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The O’Malley OMFL200 C Flute

The O’Malley Student C Flute is a great value for players of all ages. This flute is a quality instrument to fit any budget. It features a silver-plated head, body, and foot for beauty as well as durability. The C foot , split E and offset-G key help make the instrument easier to hold and play for those with smaller hands.

The foot joint and the head joint fit snugly into the body. The keys feel great and are contoured and comfortable. The thumb keys are smooth and comfortable. The finish is a bright silver plate that will last a lifetime. The tone is unsurpassed for a student instrument.

Split E

C foot

Offset G

adjusting screws

compact case

Designed to go way beyond beginning level

Constructed with Yellow Brass

Silver Plated